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Portable GFCI Outlets

Permanent GFCI Outlets

Adaptor GFCI Outlets

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Portable GFCI

Permanent GFCI

GFCI Adaptors

GFCI Adaptors for 2-wire older homes no ground

GFCI Wall Plates

GFCI for Construction Sites

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Permanent GFCI Outlets
(for standard business, household and office - in wall and plug installations)

Did you know that building codes require that you have GFCI outlets in areas near water? (i.e. in your kitchen, bathroom or garage.)   

15 Amp & 20 Amp outlets at a low price.  Save money with good quality.

125 Volt, 60 Hz GFCI commercial grade device with wall plate and screws.

Commercial Grade 15 AMP - Best Value!
Commercial Grade 20 AMP

High Quality 15 AMP
High Quality 20 AMP

Complies with new U.L. / NEC Code Requirements. Commercial Grade. Buttons Match Body Color.

User Attachable GFCI PLUG
Attach right to your own extension cord, device or machine. 

Available in Yellow or Black

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Protect yourself and your family with GFCI  receptacles by installing them in your home / office. These GFCI's are designed to protect against an electric shock. A GFCI operates by monitoring the difference in currents to the hot and neutral wires.


Higher quality 15 amp permanent outlets

Portable GFCI outlets that can go anywhere you go.

Information on OSHA requirements

GFCI a.k.a. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Portable GFCI
Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Easiest to install.
Portable protection on power tools, appliances, outdoor equipment, aquariums, fountains, etc, and is great for the jobsite, workshop or at the marina.


Permanent GFCI
15 & 20 Amp, 125 Volt, 60 Hz. Commercial grade with wall plate and screws.
Complies with new U.L. / NEC Code Requirements. Buttons Match Body Color. 


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